Posting Publicly

Post ideas, links, images, templates, and automations in public forums to help the Community learn and grow as traders.

The Community is a resource for traders to learn, grow, and share ideas together. Option Alpha encourages all members to post publicly and engage with one another.

The Community is intended to facilitate healthy conversations amongst traders. Community conversations are expected to be respectful, helpful, engaging, and peaceful.

To post publicly, simply go to the Community homepage, choose a topic, and select “Create Post” at the top of the page.

You can choose from four discussion boards for targeted conversations.

Create Community posts

Select a specific topic to share your public post in the appropriate section. Introduce yourself, ask for help, share a bot template, or start a discussion on markets, bots, strategies and more.

Targeted discussion topics

Remember, the Community is intended to help you learn and grow as a trader. Please keep the conversation on the topic of trading.

Your public posts will be shared with the Community. You can add links, images, templates, and automations to your post.

 Add templates and automations to any post

When you are ready, click "Post" to share your message. You can always edit your posts.

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