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Posting Publicly

You can post ideas, links, images, templates, and automations to help you and others learn and grow as traders. Here is what you need to know about posting publicly.
Posting Publicly
Steve Henry
Apr 19, 2021

The Community is a resource for traders to learn, grow, and share together. Option Alpha encourages all members to post publicly and engage with one another. The Community is intended to facilitate healthy conversations amongst traders. Community conversations are expected to be respectful, helpful, engaging, and peaceful.

To post publicly, simply go to the  Community homepage and select “Write Post…” from the top of the page. 

Screenshot of the Community homepage

This will take you to the message board where you can write a post to share publicly. You can add links, images, templates, and automations to the post as well. Remember, the Community is intended to help you learn and grow as a trader. Please keep the conversation on the topic of trading. 

Screenshot of the text entry window for writing a new post

You can select a specific topic from the dropdown menu to share your public post in the appropriate section.

Screenshot of the dropdown menu for selecting the desired dicsuccion board with trader talk highlighted
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