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Receiving Bot Templates

You can receive bot templates through messages and posts, save them to your library, and create clones quickly and easily. Here is how.
Receiving Bot Templates
Steve Henry
May 3, 2021

Bot templates received in a private message, group message, or a public message in the community can be saved to your library. Bots can also be created from templates in a shared message. 

There are two ways to accept a shared template from a message. Both options give you the flexibility to save and clone templates quickly and easily. 

Saving a template

To save a shared template from a message, select the save icon.

Screenshot highlighting the save template icon in a message

You can save the template as a new template or override an existing template.

Screenshot highlighting the save template display

This will save the template to the templates page in the “My Library” section on the bot homepage. 

Screenshot of the my template display with the newly saved template highlighted

You can then look through the template and all of its automations. 

Screenshot of the template's homepage

Cloning a template

You don’t have to save a template to your library to create a bot. To clone a shared template from a message, select “Clone” on the automation. 

Screenshot highlighting the clone template icon in a message

This creates a bot instantly. You can then name the bot and fill out the bot’s global settings. Select “Clone” when finished. 

Screenshot of the clone global settings

Once the bot is created, you can view the bot and all of its automations. No personal data or previous trade history is shared. The log and activity will be empty, and the capital allocation limits will reflect your settings. 

Screenshot of the cloned bot's dashboard

You can turn the bot on or save the bot as a template in your library. 

Screenshot of the bot dashboard with save as template highlighted

If saving the template, you can choose to update any of the templates in your library and override them with any new changes made to the cloned template. Select “Save” when finished. 

Screenshot of the save template display
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