Receiving Bot Templates

You can receive bot templates through messages and posts, save them to your library, and quickly create a clone.

Bot templates received in a private message, group message, or public posts in the Community can be saved to your library. You can also clone a bot from a shared template.

You can accept a shared template from a message in two ways. Both options give you the flexibility to save and clone templates quickly and easily.

Cloning a Template

Select “Clone” to create a bot from a shared message or post.

Cloning from a shared template

Cloning instantly creates a bot. The bot’s automations and original settings are also cloned. You can name the bot and modify the global settings. Cloned bots default to your paper trading account; you can manually select a live account.

Cloned bot settings

Saving a Template

You can also save shared templates to your library.

Saving a shared template

You can save the template as a new template or override and update an existing template.

Saving and updating a template

Once you save the template to your library, you can review its settings and automations and make changes before creating a new bot from the template.

Saved template

Any modifications will be reflected in your account only and will not affect the original template.

Learn more about bot templates.

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