Reusing Automations

Reusing an automation allows you to easily extend the functionality of a strategy throughout your portfolio, saving time and giving you flexibility.


How do I reuse automations across multiple bots?

You can save automations to your library for future use. When adding an automation to a bot, you have the option to reuse a saved automation from your library.

Should I save every automation I build?

There is no limit to the number of automations you can save to your library, so feel free to save every automation. Remember to give your automations specific names to identify them in the future.

Why is an automation I built not showing up in my automations library?

You need to save automations to your library to access them in the “My Automations” folder. You can build an automation and not save it, in which case it would not show up in your automations library.

How can I remove an automation from the list of "My Automations"?

The easiest way to remove an automation is on the bots homepage. Select Automations from “My Library.” Hover over the automation you want to remove and select "X.” This removes the automation from your library and any bots that use it.

Can I change or update the name of an automation?

Yes. In the automation editor, simply click on the name in the top left of the page and then type whatever you would like the modified name to be. Make sure to hit "enter" or "return" to save.

How should I use the automation description field when adding automations to a bot?

Use it to help identify the automation provide a brief detailed description of the bot’s objective.

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