Total Position Limit Warning

The “total position limit” warning occurs when a bot attempts to add a position that exceeds the number of positions allowed for the bot.

Bots have safeguards and limits that alert you when an automation encounters a warning.

Total position limits prevent overtrading by limiting the number of positions a bot can have open. 

The “Total position limit” warning occurs when a bot attempts to add a position that exceeds the number of positions allowed.

Bot Settings

You can set total position limits in the bot’s global settings.

Bot settings

You can change total position limits at any time, but the bot cannot have more than ten active positions. There is no limit on closed positions.

Be aware that increasing the total position limit may increase capital exposure.

Global settings

The above bot’s total position limit is two. The daily position limit is three, so the bot can open three new positions in a single trading day but never have more than two open positions at a time.

Scanner automations automatically turn off once a position limit is reached and enter a dormant waiting status so that you won’t receive a position limit warning at every automation interval. You will only receive the warning if you attempt to manually open a position that violates the position limit.

Bot Dashboard

You can always view the bot’s activity in the bot dashboard.

Dashboard activity

The bot has one active position. The total position limit is set at two, so the bot can still open one more position.

Position statement

Bot Log

A warning is displayed in the bot log when trying to open a new position.

Bot log error

Because the bot had two open positions, attempting to open a third position results in a warning.

You can select the automation to see precisely where the bot encountered the warning.

Error details

You must increase the total position limit to enter an additional position. The bot’s daily position limit and capital allocation may also need to be adjusted to allow for more positions.

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What does the "Total position limit" warning mean?

The "total position limit" warning means that the bot has reached its limit for the total positions it can have open at one time.

How can I change my total "position limits"?

You can change your total position limit in the bot's main settings.

Are "position limits" by symbol or by total bot positions regardless of symbol?

Total bot positions regardless of the symbol.

Will I be notified if a bot reaches a total "position limit" warning?


Does a "Position Limit" warning prevent me from closing positions in any way?


Can I open a new position right away if I get a "Position Limit" warning and subsequently close an existing position to free up a new slot?


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