Updating Existing Templates

Updating an existing template is easy if your strategy or market conditions change. Learn how to update any template in your library.

To update a template, go to the Templates section of the bot dashboard and select the template you want to edit.

Templates section bot dashboard

If you want to change the template’s global settings, select the gear icon to access the settings.

Template settings

You can edit the name, description, bot settings, and inputs.

If you want to update any automations, you need to access the template’s bot in the bot dashboard.

Bot section bot dashboard

If you make changes to the automations and want to save those changes to the template, select the gear icon and choose “Save as Template.”

Save as template

You then have the option to update an existing template. If you update an existing template, you override the current template with the new version.

Update template

The updated template displays the new version number.

Template version number

Updating existing templates is an efficient way to ensure your template is up-to-date with any changes you make to the bot.

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If I change or edit a bot template that I previously shared, will it change their template?

No, if you edit a template, it will not change your bot or the templates you had previously shared with others.

When would I update an existing template vs. saving a new template?

If you update an existing template with modifications and no longer want the original, you should use the "update" functionality. 

If you want to keep your original template intact and now have a second template with some minor modifications, use the "new" template function.

If I make changes to a bot template, will any bots built using that template be changed?


Where can I add or edit notes for a saved bot template?

To add or edit notes to a saved template, select the template and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Can I see how many times I have changed or updated my bot template?

Templates display their version number and the last update at the top of the page and how many times it has been cloned.