Updating Shared Templates

Learn how to update a template you've shared with a new version. Updating your shared templates is a Community best practice.

Updating templates you’ve shared is one of the most important things you can do as a Community member. 

Updating strategies and templates notifies other members using the template of any new changes.

The template’s original share date is always listed at the top.

Template original share date

Updating a shared template is incredibly easy. After you’ve made edits to the bot, you can update the template. Select the gear icon to “Save as Template.”

Save as template

Select “Update Template” and choose the template to update.

Update template settings

You can edit the settings. When you are finished, select “Save.”

The template is now updated with the newest version number and date.

Updated template version and date

To update the shared message, return to the Community post. In the History section, select “Share new version…”

Share new version

You can add notes to explain any changes.

Add notes

The new template is automatically updated to version two.

Updated version

This is an efficient way to keep track of all the changes and is a considerate way to let all other members using the template know you have updated the template to a new version.

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