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Using Bot Logs

Bot logs provide insight into the decisions a bot has made and what errors it may have encountered. Here is what you need to know about using bot logs.
Using Bot Logs
Steve Henry
May 12, 2021

The bot log shows your bot's automation activity. Bot logs are an efficient, helpful way to diagnose the actions your bots did or did not perform. Bot logs are useful because they provide insight into the decisions a bot has made and what errors it may have encountered.

A bot’s log is accessed in the Log tab of the bot dashboard.

Screenshot highlighting the location of the log tab on the bot dashboard

The log is a record of all activity within a bot, including automations, events, errors, and manually opened and closed positions. The most recent activity is listed first, with the date and time the automation last ran displayed and the number of actions the automation performed.

Screenshot of the bot log's main display

You can filter to view certain types of automations or a combination of automations.

Screenshot of the filter functionality on the bot log

Selecting an automation from the log displays a detailed look at the automation’s decisions.

Screenshot highlighting an automation log with timestamp

You can view decision recipes and all positions involved. For example, this position has nine actions because it had one decision criteria for eight different positions.

Screenshot highlighting the bot log's decision criteria history

You can select any decision action block to view the selected field’s outputs when the automation ran. For example, this automation checked to see if the symbol price for all eight positions was below its 200-day SMA. SPY was $371.76 at 9:45, December 17th, which was not above the 200-day SMA of $317.76. Therefore, the automation ended.

Screenshot of a specific decision log for a decision action block

Bot automations automatically run on a defined schedule. If you manually run an action, such as opening or closing a position, or use an immediate action like a button click, those are displayed immediately in the bot log and out of the sequence of your normally scheduled automations.

Screenshot highlighting the time stamp for each entry in the bot log

Error messages

If an automation encounters an error, the action will be displayed in the bot log with a red circle and a brief explanation of why the bot discontinued the automation, such as exceeding capital and/or position limits.

Screenshot highlighting two log entries with error messages

Error messages are important because they help you identify and understand why an automaton could not complete an action based on the global safeguard settings you created.

You can select the automation with an error message to see when and why it stopped the decision-making process.

Screenshot highlighting the specific error associated with the error message displayed in the bot log

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Where can I see exactly what my bot is doing?

After your bot has been created, it will scan at a default rate of every 15 minutes. If you want to view the history of your bot and what decisions it made, where it failed, you can check the “log” tab of the bot in question. Here you will find a history of the bot, the actions it did or did not take.

Where can I see if there are potential errors or issues with a bot?

There are actually a couple of different ways that you can test or see possible errors in an automation or a bot. The first one is that when you are building an automation, there will be a "test button" to the top right of your automation page that you can run to check your logic for that automation. A second is to look at the "positions" tab and any errors that might be related to the prevention of an order opening should appear there and will require clearing by the bot builder.  This is by design so that the builder can see precisely what error is occurring and can take steps to resolve it if so desired.

Why does the bot log show multiple records for the same timeframe during the day?

Most bots will contain both automations for scanning (for entering a position) and for monitoring (for adjusting or closing a position), so if you have a position open and your bot is able to open yet more positions, the Scanner will run and if you already have some open positions in your bot, the Monitor will run, so in many bots, it is possible and likely that there could be a number of runs made at each bot-run interval. Also note that each bot can have a number of different Scanners and Monitors s well, and each will have their own log entry too.

What does the number in the "Actions" column represent?

The number in the "actions" column is indicative of the number of steps that your automation made it through prior to hitting a "no" decision. So if your automation ran through six different conditions before opening a position and the "actions" tab shows 3, it means that the checks that the scanner was running through hit a "no" on the third step and did not continue beyond that point.

Why do some log entries have an "i" in a circle on them and some don't?

The "i" stands for "inputs" and not all automations have inputs in them. Inputs are variables that can be set or adjusted by the user.

Can I filter my bot logs to only show certain types of automations?

Yes, at the top left corner of the log page you can select the "type" of items you want to appear in your log and these include scanners, monitors, events, and buttons as well as an option for "errors only".

How can I see the decisions a bot made inside an automation?

To see the actual step-by-step decision process that I bought has made inside and automation, simply click on the "log" button and then click on the line of the bot run that you are interested in, and the automation log will appear to the right.  For further details, you may click on the right arrow in each of the various automation log steps and further information defining the condition or criteria and the current reading of that criteria will be shown.

If I manually open or close a position does it still show in the bot log?

Yes, assuming that by "manually" you mean still doing it from within a bot. In this case yes it will certainly show in the log. If however, you open a position directly through your brokerage platform, the bot would have no knowledge of this position and it would not show anywhere in your bot.

Can I export my bot log?

At this time, you cannot export a bot log, but we are in the process of building out a trade tracking program that should allow for this functionality in the future.

Why are there some red "Error" messages in my log?

Errors can appear in your log for any number of reasons, including things like not enough capital, exceeding the number of positions allowed to open in a day or any number of other potential issues.

How can I see why I have an "Error" message in my log?

To see specific details about a log error, simply click on the line containing that error and a more detailed screen will open to the right side that shows the step-by-step progress the bot automation walked-through, and exactly where it failed, and why.

Will I get notified if there are "Errors" in my bot log?

Any error notifications will show up under your log, and you will also be notified of them under the "Bell" icon in the top right of the platform home page.

How can I see what positions the "Repeater" is cycling through?

To see what positions a "repeater" might be cycling through, you can simply look for the line directly below where it says "repeat four…" And there will be two arrows that will allow you to cycle back and forth through the various steps the bot automation took.

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