Working Orders

Learn how to view the open, unfilled working orders inside your bots.

Working orders are orders that have been submitted to your broker for execution but have not been filled. Working orders include orders initiated by an automation and manual orders initiated with the “+” icon in the Position Statement. 

You can view working orders in two places in your Option Alpha account.

Working orders are displayed in the Position Statement in the Active Positions section with “Opening” under the ticker symbol.

Working order in Position Statement

The position will occupy a potential active position slot while the order attempts to fill.

You can select the position to view the order’s status and details.

Working order details

The order details include the symbol, quantity, broker instructions, status, time submitted, and pricing information. You can always cancel the order with the button at the top of the page.

You can also access working orders in the bot dashboard.

Orders tab in bot dashboard

All orders placed by your bots are available in the Orders section of the bot dashboard. 

Again, you can select a position to view the order details. The bot used is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Order details with bot

Working orders are a great way to view all open orders in your bots. They will also simultaneously be available to view in your brokerage account. You have complete control over your orders; you can cancel and replace them at any time before they are filled. 

Unfilled orders are canceled if they are not filled in their allotted time, and the bot will try again at the next available interval.

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Does the working orders section show all orders, both executed and canceled?

Yes, all orders placed by your bots are visible in one view on the Orders tab.

If I cancel a working order on the autotrading platform, will it also cancel on the broker’s platform?

Yes, the cancel order will pass through and be canceled on the broker's end as well.

How can I see the steps that SmartPricing is trying?

In the Positions tab, you can click on the line in either Active or Closed positions to see the fill for the position. If you click on the Orders section in that window, you will see the various prices that the bot tried an order at with red X's over the orders that did not get filled. 

If you got a fill on one of the attempted prices, that price would have a green check.  If you got filled on a price somewhere between the prices, there will not be a green check, but the position will show as filled.

How long is my order live before it is adjusted or canceled?

The speed at which your order is adjusted and the number of steps tried are a result of the speed setting you select and the range of pricing you define. Regardless of your SmartPricing settings, if your order does NOT get filled within 5 minutes, all orders are canceled until the next automation interval.