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Account Size Adjustments

Not all trading accounts should be allocated exactly the same. There are different changes you need to make based on your account size.

Here we'll cover just a couple checklists of things to consider with regard to types of strategies to use, position sizes, number of trades, etc that can be different for smaller vs larger accounts.

There is no set guidelines here so feel free to tweak and customize this based on your risk tolerance and targeted returns.

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  • Hey Mike – so glad you asked because we literally just loaded our account size PDF guide inside the membership area. Let me know if that guide helps!

  • I spend less than 2 hours a day on average managing all my trades. You can do it and still make lots of trades over the course of a year or couple years. There will of course be more active times that require more attention but again I watch my 2 year old daughter full time so I don’t have time to monitor the markets all day either.

  • Yes correct I think as your account size grows you could spread the risk even more.

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