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Monitoring Positions

Keeping watch over your current positions should be much less time intensive than most traders will assume. Rather than hovering over your children's like a parent at the park you should give your positions space and check in on them once a day.

During this quick video will walk through our exact process for monitoring and check and positions each morning during the market open for possible closing and or adjustment orders. It's important to know that after we quickly look over our portfolio we generally do not touch it for the rest of the day.

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  • Linda

    Another question! I haven’t actually started trading yet, still just paper. Since I’m working all day, I thought I’d try using the mobile app platform (when I figure out how to use it, that is.) However, does that correlate with the regular TOS platform? In other words, can I place trades on my phone but still see them on my computer the way i see them here on yours? (I hope that made sense!)

    • Yes other than some simple design differences they work the same and sync up.

  • If you can get it into the charts then it should flow over to the watch list. But some people have said they had to call TOS and asked to activate “advanced features” for their platform to allow the IV to flow over.

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