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No Guaranteed Trades

To start our discussion about portfolio management, it's important to fully understand that you will have losing trades often as part of any system (and especially this system).

Coming to grips with this now doesn't mean that we will lose money if we stick to the trading plan (because we will be profitable) but rather enables us to handle with professionalism any trades that go against us.

And while there is no such thing as "guaranteed trade" I'll remind you that in sports the team that wins at the end of the game NEVER is always in the lead during the entire game. The lead changes all the time and so does your profit loss until you end up winning. But it's about staying consistent and mechanically.

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  • Great question and the answer is you don’t – you can’t force trades and sometimes during these low vol markets you have to sit and wait for higher vol. The key here is that persistence and number of trades is a long-term goal and believe me you’ll make more money the few times that vol is high during the year than you will trying to force trades into a low vol environment. Does this help?

    • Jeff

      It does. Thanks. I know that forcing trades will likely end in disaster…think I just needed to hear from you that the good times (albeit fewer good times) more than makes up for the dry spells. Thanks.

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