How to Add a Bot Button that Liquidates All Positions Instantly

Want to liquidate all open positions in your bot with the click of a button? Here's how to do it.
Kirk Du Plessis
Mar 25, 2021

Have you ever wished you could instantly liquidate all your positions at once? We’ve all been there, whether it’s an unexpected black swan event or you need to free up capital in your portfolio quickly.

This video highlights a unique way to use a button in one or more of your bots. It’s a creative tool that cycles through all open positions in a single bot and exits them with a single click of a button anytime you want. 

Bot buttons use an automation you create or select from existing automations in your library. In this example, a monitor automation is used to pull the data on each individual position in the bot. A repeater action is used to repeat every open position in the bot. A simple close position action is added after the repeater. When the button is clicked, all positions are immediately exited. No additional criteria are needed. It’s that simple.

As a reminder, be careful if you add this style of button because it goes through and immediately closes any positions you have open in the bot. This is a very powerful button that may be prudent to add as a final safeguard to any bot you have with open positions. This is another way to leverage automated bot technology and manual trading because you are ultimately in control of clicking a button that can perform multiple closing actions simultaneously much faster than you could exit the positions manually.

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