How to Close Positions Based on Their Time Until Expiration

Using this simple decision recipe, your bots can automatically close positions for you as they approach expiration.
Kirk Du Plessis
Mar 24, 2021

There are multiple ways to close positions inside your bots. If you want to avoid expiration and potential assignment, you may want to consider using this creative decision recipe inside an automation. Before automation, it was difficult to monitor multiple positions at once manually, but now you can delegate the management process to your bot.

The comparing position time to expiration recipe enables you to reference how close a position is to its expiration date. This can be incredibly useful if you want to exit a position at a defined number of days before a contract expires. 

Typically, this recipe is set up inside a monitor automation and is preceded by a repeater action. The repeater goes through all positions of a certain type inside of your monitor automation and pulls in data for each of those positions. 

You no longer need to worry about holding a position too close to expiration. Simply add this decision recipe to a monitor automation that manages open options positions, and you have an expiration filter as a final safeguard.

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