Discover Backtests

Use the Discover feature to find successful backtests run in the Community. You can sort backtests for different performance metrics to find your perfect strategy.

The “Discover” tab is a great way to find strategy ideas. This page organizes and displays the strategies with the best results for different performance metrics. 

Screenshot of the discover backtests tab on the backtester homepage

You can still filter by the five categories on top. Unlike the “Top Backtest” tab, there are other strategies featured, including most winning trades, fewest losing trades, highest average credit received, and many more. These strategies don’t show up in the top backtests section because the “Discover” tab sorts by different metrics. 

You can select any backtest and see the details of the strategy and how it has performed historically. 

For example, this short put credit spread has the most consecutive wins of any strategy that has been run in the platform. (If a new strategy is created with more consecutive wins, it will replace this strategy).

Screenshot displaying examples of categories on the discover backtests tab with most consecutive wins highlighted

For all backtests in the platform, you can view the P/L curve, Capital Risk chart, the amount of capital allocated to the strategy, and all the stats associated with the backtest results. Here, you can see this strategy had a winning streak of 217 consecutive profitable trades.

Screenshot of a backtest's performance detail with winning streak highlighted

You can create a modified version of the strategy by selecting “Edit” in the top right corner. 

Screenshot highlighting the location of the edit button on a backtest

This allows you to change any of the strategy’s inputs in the backtester. This is a great way to take another backtest’s framework and create a new version with different data.

Screenshot of the edit backtest input display

When you are finished, select “Run Backtest.” The new version will be added to the top of the list in the “My Backtests” tab. 

Screenshot highlighting the updated time-stamp of the edited backtest

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How is the "Discover" tab different from "Top Backtests"?

The "Discover" tab displays the top backtests for each of the different performance categories. while the "Top Backtests" display only the top backtests for Return Percentage.

Can I take a "Discovered" Backtest and modify or edit it for my specific scenario?

Yes, although modification would naturally alter the historical performance so it would be wise to also test your modified version to compare to the original.

How can I filter various Backtests I'm researching?

By clicking on the column header at the top you can organize the Backtests from min/max for each category. For example, If you wanted to see the Backtest with the minimum amount of "Drawdown", simply click "Drawdown" twice to organize the list from min to max.

Why wouldn't I just pick the Backtest with the "highest return" and run it?

"Highest Return" is just one performance metric and does not give you a complete understanding of what was needed to produce the highest return. It might have required a 90% drawdown to produce the "Highest Return" and therefore may not be ideal for someone with a lower risk tolerance.

Does a strong Backtest result mean the strategy will continue performing exactly the same in the future?

No, past performance is not indicative of future results.

If I run a Backtest with better results than one listed in the "Discover" tab will my new Backtest replace the older one?

Yes, the "Discover" tab is being constantly updated to reflect the best in category Backtests.