My Backtests

My backtests conveniently organizes all of your backtests in one location so they're easy to find and filter.

The “My Backtests” tab displays all the tests you have run. This is a convenient way to keep your backtests organized. Each backtest has an updated time-stamp, so you know when it was last modified.

Screenshot of the backtester homepage wit my backtests highlighted

The “My Backtests” homepage has five categories for each backtest:

  • Symbol
  • Strategy
  • Capital
  • Frequency
  • Updated

Backtests are listed in chronological order by the most recent update. You can also toggle the columns to sort the tests by each particular category.

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How can I see all of my prior backtest results?

All of your prior backtests are stored in the "My Backtests" tab.

Can I currently convert my specific backtest into a new bot?

You can manually build a bot based on a backtest.

Can I delete any of my prior backtests?

No, all backtests are cached and used to create the "Top Backtests" and "Discover" page results.

Are backtests that I run owned by me?

Backtests that are run by you are kept in the "My Backtests" tab inside of your account. If you run a backtest that becomes best in its category, it will be shown anonymously on the "Top Backtest" or "Discover" page.