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Repeating actions repeat through a list of positions in the bot to identify specific criteria you define. Here is how to use the repeater to manage positions.
Steve Henry
Jul 6, 2021

The repeater action repeats through a list of positions in the bot to identify specific criteria based on the settings you provide.

Select the “+” symbol in the automation editor to add an action from the list.

Screenshot of bot automation editor action selection menu

The repeater action can repeat decision criteria throughout all open positions in the bot. You can select the types of positions through which you want to repeat. You can manage all positions in a bot or select a specific position type to manage, such as a short call spread. Filtering for one position type tells the repeater to only apply the actions to open positions of that type in the portfolio. This way, you can build out multiple types of automations that manage different types of strategies differently.

Screenshot with position types highlighted available with the repeater action

The repeater action only works in open positions. This is why it is important to put the repeater inside any monitor automations you run.  

Select the “Save” button, and the repeater will be added to the automation editor. When the automation starts, it will repeat through all of the selected position types. You can easily change the position inputs of the repeater by selecting the action in the automation editor.

Screenshot of repeater action within the automation editor

NOTE: Repeater actions are typically placed at the top of an automation. This is important because it identifies what position types the decision recipes will focus on. You can always put the repeater action later in the automation if you want to check for global market conditions before repeating through a list of positions.

Once the repeater is in place, you can add additional actions you want to filter through for each individual position. The repeater will check the criteria and data for each active position in the bot.

For example, if you want to check if any bot’s positions have increased in premium by 10%, you can add a decision action with the defined criteria, select the position type the bot will reference, and save the action to the automation. The repeater action will now check each open position to see if the premium has increased by 10% since the position was opened.

Screenshot of automation editor with decision action below a repeater action

NOTE: The link is dynamic and pulls in the data from each individual position.

Screenshot with example of dynamic link custom input

If you want to add actions before the repeater action begins, simply select the gear icon and precede the action with another decision criteria.

Screenshot with example of adding a preceding action

For example, you could add a decision action to first check the value of the VIX before repeating actions throughout your open positions. If the criteria is confirmed and proceeds down the “Yes” path, the bot will repeat through the list of decisions you have added through all of the selected positions.

Screenshot with example of automation path through multiple decision steps

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Why "Repeater" action inside a bot helpful?

A repeater allows monitors to make decisions and take actions on the bot's open positions. Without a repeater, bot automations have no way of accessing the bot's positions.

Do I still need to use the repeater if my bot is only going to trade one symbol?

Yes. A repeater should be used in a monitor to access a bot's open positions, even if the bot is trading a single symbol.

Should I always build my monitor automations with a repeater action?

Yes. A repeater allows the monitor to make decisions and take actions on the bot's open positions.

Why can I not link current positions inside my monitor automation?

The bots do not have a persistent way of identifying a position for a monitor. If they did, the reference would become invalid when the position was closed. Repeaters allow a monitor to access the currently open positions of a bot at the moment when the monitor is run.

Does the repeater cycle through all positions in a bot or just certain types?

Either. A repeater can be configured to cycle through positions of a specific type or can sequence through all of a bot's open positions, any type.

Can multiple repeaters be added to a monitor automation?

Yes, but they cannot be added in series. They must be on different branches below any decision recipes higher up in the automation.

If I edit the repeater inside a monitor automation will the changes update the next time the automation runs?

Yes. All changes to automations are in effect the next time it runs.

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