Neutral Options Strategies
The beauty of options is that you don't need to try and predict future market movement. With the right strategies, you can trade within a neutral range and still profit.
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Long Straddle

A long straddle is a multi-leg, risk-defined, neutral strategy with unlimited profit potential. Long straddles have no directional bias but require a large enough move in the underlying asset to exceed the combined break-even price of the two long options.
Long Straddle
Kirk Du Plessis
Apr 19, 2021

Long straddles are ultra-aggressive option buying strategies. We highly advise not using these strategies regardless of how "great" the stock setup looks. They profit from a big move in any direction, but since you need to buy both call and put options ATM, your break-even prices are much wider. If you do decide to use this strategy, you'll want to use them only during periods of very low implied volatility to minimize the cost of buying the options.

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Iron Condors
An iron condor is a multi-leg, risk-defined, neutral strategy with limited profit potential. Iron condors have no directional bias and capitalize on a decrease in volatility and minimal movement from the underlying stock.

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