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Trading Platforms

What trading platform(s) do you recommend?

Since most of my trading career has been on the thinkorswim platform, I consistently believe that it is one of the best and most technology-driven platforms out there for options traders. I have also mentioned these numerous times when being interviewed in the sources like Barron’s and SmartMoney. That said, I realize that thinkorswim is not available for most non-US citizens, so we do suggest either TradeStation or InteractiveBrokers as an alternative for non-US traders. These platforms don’t offer the best technology and trading capabilities but they are the best available given the circumstances.

I’m not a US citizen - what is the best broker platform for non-US traders?

Although platforms will vary by country and you'll need to check with each broker individually, we generally find that TradeStation and InteractiveBrokers are the best alternatives for non-US traders.

How do I setup my TOS platform to look like the one Kirk uses?

One of the personal services we offer at Option Alpha is a one-on-one platform setup with Kirk which you can schedule here. During this one hour session, Kirk will setup your platform to look exactly like his, install all of the indicators and settings, change all of the chart layout and framework, and walk you through exactly how best to use the platform moving forward for your specific goals. This is a premium service and does cost money and is not available to everyone. As a bonus, we also include an HD video replay of the one hour session so that you can go back and review it as many times as you want in the future.

My broker doesn’t have implied volatility or IV rank - how do I know which options are best to trade without this key feature?

We created a dynamic watch list here at Option Alpha that includes implied volatility rank, expected move ranges for the stock, and suggested option strategies. We built this software and continue to pay for the data stream after many requests from our members. This is the best way that we know to deliver software right here on our platform that gives you the ability to filter and scan for trades quickly and easily regardless of which broker you use.