Options Trading Live Events

Coming Soon - Planning In Progress

Live Options Trading Bootcamps

After many requests from current members, we will be planning some live in-person events in the next couple of months. To that end we'd love to hear from you if there is any particular location that works best for you, structure (1/2 class, full day, 2 days, etc.) and what you'd like to get out of something like this?

We've already begun planning the first 2 events and would love your feedback and suggestions. Please don't be shy and add your comments below to help me build an amazing event for all of us!

  • Ron Foss

    Vegas is always a great place to hold an event.

    • And I’m going there for the 1st time this month for a wedding! Can’t wait!

  • Awesome thanks for the feedback Dmitriy

  • Perfect thanks AC!

  • Jason Catlett

    I think Chicago would be a great location for something like this. Topics could include:
    Portfolio management/balancing (especially for greeks other than Delta)
    decision making process for managing/exiting existing positions that are under stress
    evaluating your performance beyond just strict profit/loss, e.g. looking for signs of being too aggressive (or too patient!) exotic/rare/complex strategies and identifying the specific situations where they might be useful
    good strategies/approaches after you have a very bad (or very good) week/month/year

  • great to hear Ted and thanks for the input!

  • Perfect thanks Frank – I’d love to go back to NYC myself :)

  • ChrisG

    I would love to attend live event! What about Atlanta? Suggest two day. Might be a relatively boring topic for most, but I would like a segment on optimizing the covered call strategy. Cheers, keep up the great work!

  • Ron Foss

    I would like to see a 2 day event somewhere in the southwest. I’ve mentioned Vegas. Phoenix would be great in the winter!

  • Perfect thanks for the suggestions Al!

  • Flavio Gangemi

    It would be great to have the opportunity to meet in person. I like the idea of starting from the basics and then cover more advanced material. Regarding the topics I also suggest:
    – Portfolio Management (how to adjust in relation to various market conditions)
    – Scaling
    – Tax efficiency
    – Option trading as a business (from a part-time occupation to full time business)

    Kirk, regarding the location would you consider to use a voting system?
    …I live in Toronto, so the NY/NJ area would be good ;)

  • Bob

    I would love a 2 day event. Many locations sound fine. I would enjoy Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York (just to name a few). I would like to see topics such as portfolio management, trade adjustments, tos platform setup, and a review of the greeks (especially gamma, which I need work on). It may be a lot to put on you; perhaps, guest speakers would help.

    • Perfect thanks Bob! I think Guest Speakers would be a great idea as well and that’s a great thought!

  • jjimm

    Los Angeles and San Diego are always favorites for seminars. Great for families – lots to do while the option traders dissect The Greeks.Just make sure you bring your own water.

  • Great thanks for the specific feedback Linda – just what I needed!

  • Trent

    As a very new trader (still paper trading) I like the suggestions of 1. Getting Started 2. Platform Setup 3. Tax Implications 4. Minimizing Commissions/Slippage 5. Greeks Greeks and more Greeks 6. Strategy Review/Rolls/Hedges. If you make this a 1-day seminar then you need to have several to avoid travel, otherwise it should be 2-3 days to make travel (plane, hotel, car) worth it IMO. Any of the major cities are great!

  • Kevin O’Banion

    Come to Los Angeles Kirk!

  • Sherman Turnage

    Orlando always works for Floridians

  • Thanks for the detailed feedback Ryan – this helps!

  • Book em Danno

    Did any of these events ever happen? I am pretty new here and don”t see anything about them on the site. Looks like the comments go back a long way.

    • Not yet – we tried to have one last year but couldn’t get the details or location squared away.

  • 100% agree and totally see your point. Thank you so much for the feedback because it helps immensely.

  • Gregory Geller

    Indianapolis is a great central city to have an event like this. The overhead of this city is not as high as cities like NYC, Chicago, etc. One downfall, maybe direct flights and we get a ton of conventions here.

  • Sunjith

    Chicago is a great city especially considering the Chicago Board Options Exchange is here. Length doesn’t really matter as long as it’s on the weekend for me.