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60-Min Webinar

How to Quickly Find Great Option Trades: 8 Things You Should Be Looking At Each Day

Scanning for and finding great option setups is critical to your long-term success and ability to consistently make money trading. If you're completely new (or even fairly new) to options trading then this webinars was created just for you. In this webinar we'll walk you through our process for finding new trades to add to your portfolio. Plus, we'll have an in-depth talk about how to select the right options strategy to give yourself the highest possible probability of success.

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Options Trading Entries & Exits

60-Min Webinar

Top 3 Options Strategies for Income: How to Generate Consistent, Predictable Returns

Options trading on the professional level is all about consistency and reliability. And once you understand that it's nothing more than a game of numbers, you'll finally have the confidence to start making higher probability trades that generate predictable income each month. In this webinar, we'll walk you through the top 3 options strategies for income trades and how you can build a simple trading system that produces income regardless of where the market goes each month.

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Options Expiration

60-Min Webinar

7 Smart Tips to Help You Save Time Trading Options While Still Working a "Full-Time" Job

Working full-time and trading options is not difficult. The reality is that you spend too much time focusing on the wrong things and end up in the "analysis paralysis" cycle. Generating income trading options shouldn't take all of your time if you do it right. In this upcoming webinar we're going to share our top 7 tips that will help you save time, streamline your scanning process and automate your trade exits. And "YES!" this was designed specifically for anyone who currently works a "full-time" job.

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"Kirk, tonight's webinar on Earnings Trades was extremely informative. The presentation was very clear and concise. I learned a number of things that I did not know before, such as when to use a straddle vs. a strangle for an earnings trade. Keep up the great work!"

- Aram Basmadjian (Macungie)

"This is the best teaching program and trading system I’ve seen so far… and I’ve tried many in the past. I think the key is that you are generous with your information and you are repetitive in your approach to teaching. As a student, this is the best way to learn. The fact that you 'show your work' every day really makes a difference."

- John Meneghini (Massachusetts)

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