Options Basics

Single-Leg vs Multi-Leg

Options enable you to use calls and puts in multiple ways to create single-leg and multi-leg strategies. Learn how to profit in different market conditions and define risk.
Single-Leg vs Multi-Leg
Kirk Du Plessis
Apr 19, 2021

So far in our education we've only discussed single-leg options like buying calls and puts. This is where most companies actually stop teaching. But the beauty of trading options is that you have the ability to use multiple options with different strike prices, calls and puts, and different expiration dates to create unique strategies that profit from all types of market environments. Using multi-leg strategies also enables you to help define your risk and reward for the various strategies that we will be teaching for income generation, like credit spreads and iron condors. Once you understand the limitless potential for building an option strategy with different legs you'll fully understand the power that options trading has over traditional stock trading which is one directional, either up or down.

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