4 Daily Rituals For Conquering Your Trading Psychology

trading psychology

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If you are prepared to commit to doing a few small rituals every day, you can see powerful positive changes to your trading results.

As emotional investors, we can have the constant conflict between what we consciously want and what our subconscious mind seems to be what we want or need.

Henry Ford said it best. . .

"If you think you can or think you can't, you're right," - Henry Ford

Real change happens at the subconscious level so by following small rituals every day; these changes can occur faster than through any other processes that are dealing with only the conscious mind.

1) Daily Gratitude

Be grateful for what is working in your life right now - not just what isn't working at the moment. Think about each area of your life and write down what you have to be grateful for.

Appreciate the good things about your health, relationships, trading/career and wealth and any other areas that are important to you.

You could also take time out of your day when you might be feeling less than safe and express gratitude for something in your life. This will always lift your mood.

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2) Investing Affirmations

Write out a few affirmations specific to your investing activities that will strengthen what you already believe or to change some of the old beliefs that may be lingering at the subconscious level and can be holding you back from achieving the results that you want.

Here are a couple quick examples you are free to use:

  • 'It is easy to stay focused and committed in all areas of my trading.'
  • 'I believe that I have what it takes to be successful with options.'
  • 'Know your probabilities and risk before entering a new trade.'
  • 'Understand that sitting on the sidelines is a position.'

3) Subconscious Visualization

Close you eyes and see in your mind, a picture of the successful trader that you know you can be.

Imagine what you will be doing when you have achieved the results you want. See what you will be wearing, the places that you will go and the people that you will associate with.

Hear what you will be saying and what others will be saying to you. Feel the feelings of success, joy and happiness.

Act as if and feel the feelings of all of it. Research shows that this makes much more impact if the vision is enveloped in feeling and positive emotion.

4) Meditation or Quiet-Time

Research also shows that meditation or periods of quiet time during the day can be the most powerful path to achieving your goals and getting the results you desire.

There are many different types of meditation that can be practiced so do your research and find what works best for you. You can build up a repertoire of meditation techniques that you use depending on how you are feeling at the time.

I'm not much of classic meditation, so I prefer to close my eyes simply and for 15 minutes and just think. What you want to achieve is just a calming way to raise above the market noise and think clearly.

What's Are Your Rituals?

These are four simple yet powerful tools you can take and apply them today. Maybe you don't use all four at once but maybe try one today, and another tomorrow and before you know it you will have developed a powerful habit that will change your results.

Now, time for you to share your daily habits? Do you do anything that helps like exercising, reading, etc.? Share your comments below!

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Kirk Du Plessis

Kirk founded Option Alpha in early 2007 and currently serves as the Head Trader. In 2018, Option Alpha hit the Inc. 500 list at #215 as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. Formerly an Investment Banker in the Mergers and Acquisitions Group for Deutsche Bank in New York and REIT Analyst for BB&T Capital Markets in Washington D.C., he's a Full-time Options Trader and Real Estate Investor. He's been interviewed on dozens of investing websites/podcasts and he's been seen in Barron’s Magazine, SmartMoney, and various other financial publications. Kirk currently lives in Pennsylvania (USA) with his beautiful wife and three children.