42% Profit On Our GOOG Call Spread

Call spread: Thanks so much for joining us again here tonight on the video recap that we do here at the end of the day where we go over our opening and closing trades. Now, today is May 22nd, and we only had one opening trade and one closing trade for today, but they were both…

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Are You Aware Of These 4 Expiration Day Trading Traps

options expiration day

It’s options expiration day and time to decide what to do with your current positions, right? If you sell options, it’s probably an anticipated event. When you buy options, it’s usually something to dread. Either way, there are things you must know, and steps you should take, to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the third Friday of each month.…

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Here’s A Quick Way To Hedge Credit Spread Option Strategies


One of the most common questions I get asked by traders here is, “How can I hedge my current credit spread option strategy?” In most cases, my answer to them is usually very simple- as with all hedge positions or adjustments you make, you have to consider the price or premium it costs versus the…

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The Easiest Way To Master The 4 Different Types of Option Orders

types of option orders

Ever been knocked off your feet? Well, if you don’t have a strong handle the different types of options orders, it will happen soon. That’s why traders who migrate to options trading from the world of stock trading often find it very difficult to grasp immediately the types of orders that are available. With stocks, you…

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USO Iron Butterfly (LIVE Closing Trade)

Iron butterfly: In this video, I want to go through hopefully a closing trade here for our position in USO. USO is an oil ETF, United States oil ETF. And we had initially sold a nice big iron butterfly in USO a little while ago. I think we got into this trade back on 2/25. It’s…

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Nearly A $1,000 Profit Today Trading Options When SPY Finished Flat

Trading options: In tonight’s video, we’re going to go over all of the closing trades that we had on Thursday, September 3rd. It’s a pretty good day actually, considering everything that happened or didn’t occur in the market I guess. We were up almost $1,000 on the day which is great, and the market didn’t move…

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$350+ In Earnings Profits Today Alone

Earnings trading: In tonight’s video update, we’re going to go over all the trades that we made on Wednesday, July 22nd. It was pretty much an earnings day; we had a couple of trades that rolled off that were automatic closing orders, so we’ll go over those here in a second. First, I want to go…

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$100 OIH Credit Spread Profit in 6 Days

Call credit spread: In this video, we’re just going to go quickly over the one closing trade that we did have today in OIH. We were able to buyback this spread. We tried to do it yesterday but didn’t get filled in the order. And we’re a little bit more aggressive than just the 50% profit…

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$127 Profit Even After Short Option Assignment in XLU

Short option assignment: In this video tutorial, I want to go through the XLU stock assignment that we had and go through and use this as a case study for why a stock assignment isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think most traders just naturally freak out when they get assigned stock, but we’ll show…

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$349 Profit Trading TLT Iron Butterflies This Month

Iron butterfly option strategy: In tonight’s video update, we’re going to go over all the trades that we made for Monday, October 5th. It’s a good day; we had some trades that we’re going to start taking off here now that we get closer to October expiration, and really, we’re just trying to make trades…

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