3 Simple Ways To Dive Into Long-Term Portfolio Management Successfully

long-term portfolio management

Particularly for young people who are just considering getting started with investing, the concept of managing a long-term investment portfolio is a daunting one. After all, we all start from square one, and if you have never dealt with investments or savings in a long-term sense before, it can all seem almost like a different…

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The Ultimate Stock Speculation Decision: Buy The Shares Or Buy The Option?

buy stock shares

Let me start this blog post with a question. . .If you’re going to buy a house from me, would you rather just buy the house outright OR have a contract to buy the house at some predefined price in the future? Naturally you might think that the next questions you would ask are “What’s…

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Problems Getting Your Option Order Filled? Try These 3 Quick Adjustments

option order fills

In today’s market, we’re all so damn needy. We want our orders to go in just as fast as possible. Even on this blog, I get a lot of emails from members as soon as we put out the alert at 9:31AM in the morning asking about fill reports. Fill reports after one minute of…

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6 Reasons Why You Should Date Each Stock Before Sleeping With It

analyzing stocks

We’ve all dated before, whether we’re still dating or dated in college/high school. I was lucky enough to meet my wife in college. We had dated previously dated for three years before getting married three years ago now. When it comes to investing it’s important that you take the time to date around. In this post,…

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Calm Your Earnings Season Fears With Weekly Options Trading

weekly options trading

Do you know anyone on the board of Apple, or Google, or Microsoft? Do you know anyone that’s even high up in those companies? If you do, add a comment to this post right away and let us know. But chances are you don’t and so the earning season for a lot of stocks is going…

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How Does After Hours Trading Work And Should I Participate?

after hours trading

What if you could trade stocks like Forex non-stop all night? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Trading in the middle of the night, trading in the morning, trading after dinner, whenever you want to trade, you just go into the market and make a trade. I guess there wouldn’t be anymore day trading, but that’s not the point.…

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How Technical Analysis Can Help Kick The Irresistible Itch To Trade

technical analysis

This past weekend while I was at the beach I spent the first night out on the porch drinking beer with my brother-in-laws. Naturally we all forgot to apply ample amounts of bug spray – I’m sure you know where the rest of this goes right? We got peppered with bits the next morning leaving…

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How To Diversify Your Portfolio With A Single ETF Purchase


No matter whether you are a season investor or beginner just getting started in the stock game, there’s a popular investing option that might just suit your portfolio diversification needs. These high-efficiency products called Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs) are great for diversifying your portfolio with a single purchase. Plus they are low cost and tax efficient. What…

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How To Set Up A Broken Wing Butterfly Option Strategy?

broken wing butterfly

A recent post on the blog here got a lot of comments about broken wing butterfly option strategies. Given all the hype and curiosity, I decided to put together a post that explored how you would set up this strategy specifically. Oddly enough, the broken wing butterfly isn’t a new strategy and has been around…

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Why Option Traders Should Sit On The Sidelines For 90% Of The Game

option traders

As kids, we never wanted to be left out of the game. We enjoyed getting in there and playing hard. But as investors we should relish in the ability to sit quietly on the sidelines and do more watching than playing. It was put best by the famous Jesse Livermore who said “It was never…

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