Show 012 : Covered Calls – Limit Your Upside Gain, Increase Your Chance of Success

covered calls

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast  I’m going to change the way you think about buying stock forever. Because just buying shares isn’t effective anymore and with the help of options you can both increase your probability of success and reduce risk (and net cost basis). But first I’ll need your help with my…

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Show 011 : Picking The Best Option Strategy Is A Process Of Elimination NOT Selection

best options strategy

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast we are going to help you finally create an easy to use 3-step system for picking the best option strategy. Unlike most traders who try to fit their favorite strategy into every market situation, you’ll find out why after asking just 2 simple questions we can eliminate…

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Show 010 : Are You Checking These 7 Things Before Each Trade You Enter?

options trading checklist

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast, I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to the top 7 things you should check before you make another trade. And this is not some quickly thrown together list; these are strategic steps that will help you make more decisive action when it comes to picking and filtering…

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Show 009 : Mastering The 14 Emotional Stages All Investors Go Through

investor psychology

In this session off we are going to cover the 14 stages that all investors go through with their emotions. Understanding that traders have specific emotions which have varying magnitude, is critical to learning how either you or another investor might behave. Thankfully there is a cyclic process of psychology that explains the relationship between…

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Show 008 : Breaking The “Zero-Sum” Probability Trading Cycle In Your Favor

probability trading

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I’ll answer one of the biggest questions I get when it comes to trading options with probabilities. You see with probability trading there can be this misconception that it’s all a “Zero-Sum” game. But today I’ll show you how you can break this cycle and start making…

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Show 007: Why Implied Volatility Is The Key To Your “Edge” Trading Options

implied volatility

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast we’re going to have a very advanced conversation about implied volatility (IV) and why understanding IV is critical to gaining and edge in the market. Plus we’ll use a very specific example with YHOO and HAL both that have IV of 32% but when we apply IV…

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Show 006: If Every New Trader Did This 1 Thing They’d Make More Money

investing tips

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I’ll show you with real data why if every new trader was doing this 1 thing different they’d make more money. Plus I’ll relate this to how why casinos have table limits because they know that limiting how much people gamble is actually more profitable for them…

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Show 005: Why Technical Studies Are Dying And Why Charts Should Be Obsolete

technical analysis studies

In this episode of The Option Alpha Podcast I know I’m going to cause some people to have a heart attack. Or at least get really mad at me for starting such a huge debate about stock charts. But I think once you listen all the way through you’ll see that with a current YHOO vs…

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Show 004: How To Hack The Options Trading Learning Curve In Less Than 3 Months

options trading hack

In this episode of The Option Alpha Podcast we’ll give you a complete framework to systematically learn how to trade options. You see most traders truly get lost with so much information out there. They go into “analysis, paralysis” where there is just so much to learn they get blinded with where to start. So today…

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Show 003: Learning How Options Work w/ Simulated Real Estate Deals

how options work

In today’s show we’ll use a very easy real estate analogy to drive home some key options trading concepts for beginners. So if you are just getting started learning how to trade options then this show is for you because it’ll help give you something to easily reference as a base for comparison with options.…

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