Show 030 : The Zero Cost Way To Protect Stock Gains With Options

how to protect stock gains with options

You’ve got a stock position that you want to protect (or shield) from any impending market sell-off or crash. But buying protection or insurance typically costs money right? And in nearly all cases you’ve been told to buy put options that are far OTM. The only problem is that these options tend to expire worthless…

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Show 029 : Top 3 Excuses That Cripple The Average Investor Returns When Trading Options

average investor returns

It’s no secret that the long-term average investor returns are pretty low. In most cases, the little guy rarely beats the market and for good reason. Frankly we are horrible stock pickers though we consistently try to find hidden value in playing directionally. Long-term this always underperforms an efficient market and the market standard portfolio…

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Show 028 : 10 Great Option Trades Under $100 You Can Make Right Now

great option trades

Finding great option trades can be tough sometimes, and I get that. That’s why in today’s podcast I’ll show you 10 detailed trades all under $100 of risk each that you can make right now. Plus, we mixed it up with a little bit of everything; bullish & bearish strategies, high & low volatility trades,…

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Show 027 : How Inverse And Leveraged ETFs Actually Work

inverse and leveraged etfs

In the past couple years inverse and leveraged ETFs have been some of the most highly traded securities because of their seemingly “cool” concept for speculation. I mean where else can you get such high exposure to financials or gold than with a 3X bull/bear ETF? In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I’ll going…

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Show 026 : Wide Bid/Ask Spreads & Slippage Are Costing You $3,840 Each Year

Bid Ask Spread

You’ve often heard us talk about the important of trading liquid options until you are blue in the face right? In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast we’ll put a real dollar figure to this concept and show just how much “slippage” is costing you trading options that are illiquid. Specifically markets that show…

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Show 025 : Interview w/ John Carter – Balancing Trades & Financing Strategies for More Consistent Winners

john carter

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I have the great pleasure of interviewing long-time trader and industry veteran John Carter – founder of One of the many benefits of doing this podcast has been the opportunity to meet and connect with other traders with whom I admire and have followed for years. John…

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Show 024 : Why Peer-to-Peer Lending Is Comparable To Options Trading

peer to peer lending

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I’m going to actually take a look at unique investment outside the stock market that is comparable to how we should be trading options. My hope is that you’ll clearly see how being successful with Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending is extremely similar to the requirements for long-term options…

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Show 023 : Overcoming The 3 Biggest Fears When Starting To Trade Options

how to start trading options

Investing money can be scary (no doubt). . . In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I want to help you overcome the 3 biggest fears that people have when they start trading options. You see, as kids we were scared of all kinds of things; monsters, our siblings, “Dad” etc. As adults now we…

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Show 022 : Interview w/ Kim Klaiman – Strategies for Buying Options Ahead of Earnings

kim klaiman

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast we talk with long-time trader Kim Klaiman from As you’ll hear in this interview, Kim’s goal is to trade a variety of non-directional trades with low correlations. One topic that we dive into a little deeper is the strategy of buying straddles pre-earnings to profit from the…

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Show 021 : 7 Smart Tips To Help Save You Time Trading Options While Working Your Day Job

trading options with day job

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I want to help you be a better trader even if you are currently still working a full-time job. Because the reality is that even though I stay at home with my daughter, she’s a full time “boss” if you know what I mean. So over the…

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