Rodeo Cowboys Don’t Make Good Options Traders

best option traders

Honestly, would you ever ride the bull? Not a bull market but a real raging bull? I sure as heck wouldn’t but some people would love the thrill. Others even like running side by side with bulls (drunk albeit). Not this guy, not ever – I’m just not that fun my wife would say. But…

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Why Traditional Portfolio Diversification Has A Major Flaw

portfolio diversification

Ever heard the saying “A rising tide raises all ships”? You know the idea that in a good market all stocks will rise together. Sure the better companies might rise faster than weaker companies but yet they all rise in value. Likewise in a falling market even the great companies will take nose dive. It’s…

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Are Calendar Spreads Good For Options Trading Beginners?

calendar spreads

If you hate range-bound and low volatility markets (like the one we were in this summer/fall) then you may want to try trading a calendar spread. But if you’re a beginner you might ask “Is this strategy good for me or will I get burned?” If you’ve never traded options before I would stay away…

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Why thinkorswim’s thinkMoney Magazine Is Awesome For Option Traders


At the end of each quarter, I desperately find myself doing two things. One, checking my performance, and two, waiting by the mailbox for the next issue of Think or Swim “Think Money” magazine. If you’re an option, trader, or even just someone who is relatively interested in the options market, then Think Money is…

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3 Simple Ways To Dive Into Long-Term Portfolio Management Successfully

long-term portfolio management

Particularly for young people who are just considering getting started with investing, the concept of managing a long-term investment portfolio is a daunting one. After all, we all start from square one, and if you have never dealt with investments or savings in a long-term sense before, it can all seem almost like a different…

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The Ultimate Stock Speculation Decision: Buy The Shares Or Buy The Option?

buy stock shares

Let me start this blog post with a question. . .If you’re going to buy a house from me, would you rather just buy the house outright OR have a contract to buy the house at some predefined price in the future? Naturally you might think that the next questions you would ask are “What’s…

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Problems Getting Your Option Order Filled? Try These 3 Quick Adjustments

option order fills

Imagine that you have been planning a trade. You researched the company, performed excellent due diligence, and decided that you are going to go long and purchase some call options.  You place the limit order for your contracts at the right price, and look forward to the market open tomorrow.  9:30 rolls around, the stock…

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6 Reasons Why You Should Date Each Stock Before Sleeping With It

analyzing stocks

We’ve all dated before, whether we’re still dating or dated in college/high school. I was lucky enough to meet my wife in college. We had dated previously dated for three years before getting married three years ago now. When it comes to investing it’s important that you take the time to date around. In this post,…

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Calm Your Earnings Season Fears With Weekly Options Trading

weekly options trading

Do you know anyone on the board of Apple, or Google, or Microsoft? Do you know anyone that’s even high up in those companies? If you do, add a comment to this post right away and let us know. But chances are you don’t and so the earning season for a lot of stocks is going…

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How Does After Hours Trading Work And Should I Participate?

after hours trading

What if you could trade stocks like Forex non-stop all night? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Trading in the middle of the night, trading in the morning, trading after dinner, whenever you want to trade, you just go into the market and make a trade. I guess there wouldn’t be anymore day trading, but that’s not the point.…

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