How Technical Analysis Can Help Kick The Irresistible Itch To Trade

technical analysis

This past weekend while I was at the beach I spent the first night out on the porch drinking beer with my brother-in-laws. Naturally we all forgot to apply ample amounts of bug spray – I’m sure you know where the rest of this goes right? We got peppered with bits the next morning leaving…

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How To Diversify Your Portfolio With A Single ETF Purchase


No matter whether you are a season investor or beginner just getting started in the stock game, there’s a popular investing option that might just suit your portfolio diversification needs. These high-efficiency products called Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs) are great for diversifying your portfolio with a single purchase. Plus they are low cost and tax efficient. What…

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How To Set Up A Broken Wing Butterfly Option Strategy?

broken wing butterfly

A lot of members have asked me about broken wing butterfly option strategies in the past, so I thought I’d create a blog dedicated to exactly how you would set up this kind of spread and why you would want to. Oddly enough, the broken wing butterfly isn’t a new strategy and has been around…

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Why Option Traders Should Sit On The Sidelines For 90% Of The Game

option traders

As kids, we never wanted to be left out of the game. We enjoyed getting in there and playing hard. But as investors we should relish in the ability to sit quietly on the sidelines and do more watching than playing. It was put best by the famous Jesse Livermore who said “It was never…

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The Beginner’s Guide To Option Open Interest

open interest

The beautiful thing about the options market is that it’s as big or as small as we (the traders) make it. When it comes to open interest, each expiration starts with the same amount of contracts – ZERO. What Is Open Interest? Simply put, option open interest is the open number of contracts that remain…

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Options Traders With Short Term Memory Loss Are Ultimately More Profitable

most profitable option traders

Learn from the past is what we are taught in school. And as a big history buff I love to read up on how historical events can sometimes repeat themselves. Not exactly of course, but rather in the same context. History fascinates me, but my finance degree helps pay the bills (nothing personal here history…

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Does Insider Selling Really Give Awesome Signals? GMCR Case Study

insider selling

It’s only been all over the news but if you haven’t heard here is the latest from Bloomberg: Robert P. Stiller, founder and chairman of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (GMCR), sold $66.3 million of his stock before it plunged the most in four months on news that Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) had developed a rival to its K-Cup…

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How Long Should You Hold A Position Before You Let It Go And Cut Your Losses?

exiting trades

Rationally deciding to exit a position and cut your losses is extremely tough. As humans, we naturally have a fear of losing and closing a losing position only reinforces that fear. Unlike winning trades, losing trades have a great impact on our emotions. This could be the #1 reason we tend to hold onto a…

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Investment Vehicles Part 2: Daily Driver

investment alternatives

The daily driver is the most robust of the investment vehicles. Typically this vehicle is extremely boring and not an attractive choice to most novice traders. Even though this vehicle is not the most exciting or fun way of investing, it is the type of vehicle that will create the passive income. Passive meaning it…

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How Large Index Options Can Help Reduce Your Commission Costs

commission costs

This isn’t a trick or secret tip by any means – but maybe you just haven’t thought about commissions like this before. You see, all of us have done the searching online for the “best” commissions. I know I still look around now and then to make sure I’m getting the best deal I can…

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