How To Use Price Target Alerts To Be A More Productive Trader

stock price targets

Setting and managing price target alerts through your broker’s platform can help you be a far more productive trader. Whether you work a full-time job already or have made the leap over to trading, price target alerts can help you manage the hundreds of charts and trading opportunities each week. Narrow Your Watch List Instantly…

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Your Simple Checklist Before Adjusting An Options Trade

options trading checklist

Whenever we go to buy or sell an option it is vital to take the time to make sure we are entering the trade correctly in the first place. It is 100 times more important to enter it correctly than to be able to properly adjust it later on as changing a trade that was…

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Does History Support The Santa Claus Stock Market Rally?

santa claus stock market rally

Black Friday sales reports showed a considerable gain over the weekend. Naturally investors are hoping that Santa Claus will make for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with a big end of year rally. So before you start listening to all the news stories that will come out around this time, let’s see if…

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Do You Secretly Want To Lose All Your Money?

professional trader

Especially when dealing with money, traders can sometimes develop self-destructive habits. As stocks jump up and down in price throughout the day, they can take hold of your mind and begin to play you like a fiddle if you are not careful. That’s why it’s so important to learn how your emotions will react to…

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When High Frequency Trading Becomes Destructive To Your Portfolio

high frequency trading

Each month Option Alpha has seen it’s readership and members grow – which is great. As always, I’ve never done any advertising or marketing for this blog. I’d rather have it grow via word of month and social media which to me is “real” growth and not “paid” growth. So thank you all and keep…

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Now You Can Profit From Volatility Skew With Put Ratio Spreads

volatility skew

With the recent market volatility I wanted to cover a new topic and strategy. It’s another tool to put in your box and a great way to take advantage of volatility skew in options pricing. As we all know implied volatility levels should really drive your trading strategy, and having a way to profit from…

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How To Analyze Trend Changes Using Ribbon Studies And Multiple Moving Averages

multiple moving averages

Ribbon studies and multiple moving averages are becoming more and more popular among trend traders. The basic idea behind the technical indicator is that you are using roughly 12-16 different moving averages on the same exact chart (instead of using just 1 or 2 on your chart). How Do You Build This Indicator? Typically ribbon…

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5 Reasons Why I Never Sell Options On Single Stocks And Neither Should You

sell options

Yesterday Netflix (NLFX) reported earnings and in after-hours trading the stock was down more than 25%. Yes in a matter of minutes, 25% of the market value of this poor company was gone! Today the stock closed down by nearly 35%. So what’s the point of all this Kirk? Well, I wanted to use NFLX…

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Will My Short Option Contract Be Exercised Or Assigned At Expiration?

short options

During expiration weeks I get a lot of questions about options exercising and assignment. Mostly traders are concerned that their short option contracts or spreads will be assigned at expiration. In an effort to help calm the nerves during the crazy period, I decided to put together this guide to help you understand your risks…

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Top 8 Places To Park Your Cash Savings During Volatile Markets

where to invest your money

Sick and tired of the recent market volatility and watching your portfolio value swing? Today I decided to cover 8 places to park your cash during these volatile markets. If you are not invested already you are probably wondering where to put all that hard earned cash for a while until things calm down. Just…

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