Time To Dispel The Stupid Myth Of ‘Unlimited Losses’ In Naked Option Selling

naked option selling

I’m an option seller and I think we get a bad rap. When people first hear about naked option selling and option writing they immediately heard about “unlimited losses” and “unlimited risk”. This ignorance and lack of understanding is frustrating to say the least. It’s high time we bring this myth to an end! Frankly…

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19 Famous Quotes From Great Investors That You Can Still Rely On Today

famous investor quotes

I love reading trading books and learning from some of the great investors and traders. My personal preference is to learn from the “Old Guys” like Livermore, Buffett, Lynch and Graham. These guys laid the foundation for modern investing. They didn’t trade on technicals and always offer great insight. Here are 19 great quotes. Add…

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How To Correctly Use Beta When Building And Managing Your Portfolio

what is beta

Beta is a great trading and portfolio tool when used correctly – yes some people don’t use it correctly I’m afraid. Beta is another one of those crazy greeks that determines the association of a stock or a portfolio to overall markets. This is something that I haven’t covered in detail before and I apologize for…

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Warren Buffett’s Portfolio – Shocking Truth About How He Trades Options

warren buffetts portfolio

I’ve told people for years and years that Warren Buffett’s portfolio and Berkshire Hathaway company publicly discloses that they are naked put option sellers. More specifically they sell index put options, the exact same strategy we use here at Option Alpha. Why Is This So Shocking? Honestly I always get a weird response when I…

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The 14 Stages Of Investor Emotions And Trading Psychology

investor emotions

Markets have defined and specific cycles. This is because investors and traders are emotional – whether we choose to be or not. Everyone has the best of intentions when entering this business right? We all want to make a ton of money with as little risk as possible – who doesn’t. Where some traders fall short…

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Stock Options And The 7 Factors That Determine Their Pricing And Value

stock options

Understanding option pricing and value is critical to becoming a successful trader. How can you know what something is worth (or what it could be worth) if you don’t know what factors go into its price? Take gasoline prices for example. We all know that consumer demand, seasonal changes, crude oil prices, refinery productivity, state…

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10 Golden Rules For Trading Success Regardless Of What You Trade

options trading rules

There are some basic principles and rules that will make you successful trading regardless of what you trade. These are interchangeable for stock traders, option traders, future traders, and even forex traders. It doesn’t matter what you trade, it’s how you trade that makes you successful or not! The 7 Day Challenge Only about 5%…

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Trading Calendar Option Spreads – Using Time Decay To Your Advantage

calendar option spreads

Calendar Spreads are becoming more popular even though I don’t really favor them. It’s that not that they are a “bad” strategy, my trading style just favors others. Calendars are however a great tool to have in your portfolio and as part of your overall trading arsenal. Why Use Calendar Spreads? Calendars are a great…

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What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You About Trading Iron Condors

iron condors

Iron Condors are a great strategy for option traders. But like all things in life, there are some key points that you need to understand completely before jumping in with both feet. Iron Condors are a relatively conservative, non-directional trading strategy that when used properly can produce some very nice monthly returns. As the payoff…

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5 Tips When Digging For New Stock And Option Trading Ideas

option trading ideas

Finding new trading ideas is hard work. Trust me I know, I’m constantly looking for the “low hanging fruit” when it comes to stock and options trading. I don’t want the trades that I have to over analyze and look at 100+ times over to confirm something. There are hundreds of securities to trade and…

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