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Day trading is the act of buying and selling either stocks or options on an underlying security in the same trading session. Though you’ll find that many newbie investors get into day trading for the magnetic appeal and ability to quickly turn small sums of cash into large accounts, the reality is that most day traders are not successful. In fact, those who do find early success do not day trade but rather swing trade, or position trade, the markets each month. The articles and videos in our resource center will help you avoid common pitfalls and learn to leverage the most critical elements when building a reliable trading system.

Guide to Day Trading

Detailed XOP Short Strangle Option Strategy Recap

Short strangle: We’re going to go through all of the trades that we made on Friday, February 19th. So it’s Friday. Expiration for February is now coming on, and now we’re getting fully into March and then again start building out the portfolio in April. We got a lot of positions on in March. I like…

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MU Opening Earnings Option Trade

Earnings options trades: In this video, we’re going to over the earnings trade that we did have for October 1st. This is a trade that we had been eyeing for the last week and this week. We let our members know earlier today that we are going to be doing something in MU today. We ended…

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$100 Market Lesson I Learned Today

Option trading lesson: In tonight’s video, we’re going to go over all the trades that we made on Tuesday, September 22nd. So, the first one that I want to go over tonight is … well the first just quick closing trade that we had in Microsoft. So, Microsoft we closed out automatic working order to get…

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How to Stack Short Option Straddles

Short option straddles: In this video, I want to go over a specific trade that we did in USO which is a stacking straddle that we’re going to go over. And, that’s a new trade that we entered today but before we do that I want to go over all the closing trades that we had…

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TLT Iron Butterfly Option Trade Adjustment

Iron butterfly: In this video update, I want to go through trying to close out of our TLT iron butterfly position. This is the second video that we’ve done here today. We did a video earlier today, which is in on our website posted already, and that is the FXE iron butterfly position that we closed…

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Kicking Off Earnings Season With MON

Earnings: Tonight, we’re going to go over all of the trades that we made on Tuesday, January 6th. We had two new opening orders and finally got started in earnings season as we talked about last night on the video update, and then an opening trade on bonds and stacking a position in bonds. And then…

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Our Biggest P&L Day This Year

P&L: Tonight, we’re going to go over all of the trades that we made for December 17th which is Wednesday. A pretty great day. It was probably one of the bigger P&L days that I’ve had because of the market rallying. We were just positioned that way and apparently haven’t gotten everything back that we lost…

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$350+ In Earnings Profits Today Alone

Earnings trading: In tonight’s video update, we’re going to go over all the trades that we made on Wednesday, July 22nd. It was pretty much an earnings day; we had a couple of trades that rolled off that were automatic closing orders, so we’ll go over those here in a second. First, I want to go…

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How to Close an Earnings Trade (NFLX Live Example)

Earnings trade: In this video, we’re looking live at the markets. It’s about a minute or so before the markets open here today. And what we’re going to show you in this video is what you want to do as you go through the process of actually waiting for the markets to open and taking…

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