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Options trading is one of the most profitable, and yet conservative ways to trade in the stock market. Options give you the ability to control or leverage a position in underlying stocks and ETFs with a relatively small amount of money. The added diversity in contract months and strike prices means incredible flexibility in profit scenarios, allowing trades to generate income in rising, flat or falling markets. Our guides and training videos at Option Alpha will take you from newbie stock investor to professional options trader.

Guide to Options Trading

How to Trade BABA’s Earnings With Options?

Earnings options trades: In tonight’s video, we’re going to be going all the trades that we’ve made for Tuesday, August 11th. Fairly quiet day. We have one quick adjustment trade that we made in FXI earlier this morning. And then two earnings trades, kind of earnings are trying to … or starting to wind down here…

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Profitable TWTR Earnings Trade

Earnings trade: In tonight’s video, we’re gonna go through all the trades that we had for Wednesday, July 29th. Actually, before we go through the trades that we have today, whether opening, closing, adjusting trades, I want to talk through SNDK, which is SanDisk, and their potential dividend assignment. So, SNDK. So what happens is that…

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Recapping Our 3 Month Trade In COH

Option trades: In tonight’s video, we’re going to be going over all of the trades that we made for Tuesday, July 14th. It’s a pretty active day, we had 10 trades that we entered. Some opening, some closing, some hedge/adjustment which are mostly just closing trades. We’re going to go over all of these in the…

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Why We Place This Skewed Iron Condor in EFA?

Iron condor: In tonight’s video we’re going to go through, the one opening trade that we had in EFA and then also the adjustment that we had in FXI. So those of you who are Elite members now because we talked about this on the strategy call last night on Sunday, but we had talked about…

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No Options Open Interest? Here’s Why It Happens

Options open interest: In tonight’s update, we’re going to be talking about the one trade that we did make today, Monday, June 22nd. As we had talked about with premium members on the strategy call last night, we want to continue to build some positions and stocks and ETF’s that had high implied volatility. FXE was…

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Adjusting A Put Calendar Spread When The Stock Rallies

Put calendar: In tonight’s video, we’re going to be going over all the trades that we made for Wednesday, June 10th. In today’s trading session, we only have one small closing order which we’ll cover here at the end, and then one adjustment trade, actually, to our calendar. Our put calendar spread in IWM. What we…

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Options Trading Case Study – FXE Iron Butterfly

Iron butterfly: In tonight’s video want to talk about all the trades that we made for Tuesday, June 2nd and then also cover one trade for June 1st which was Monday. Since there was only 1 trade on Monday we didn’t cover it, so we’ll cover it tonight in today’s video. Just as a heads up…

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Aggressive Option Selling Strategy Pays Off In HPQ

Option selling: In tonight’s video, I want to go through all of the trades that we made for Thursday, May 21st. So, we had a pretty good day. I’d say closing out two nice profitable trades and then also entering a new trade in HPQ. So, let’s go over the earnings trade that we did in…

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Traders Fail Because They Stop Trading

Options traders: In tonight’s video, we’re going to go over all of the trades, the ton of trades that we had today. It was a very, very busy day in trading. We haven’t had a trading day like this in a while where we had so many different opening and closing and adjusting trades. It was…

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Mini Guide to Trading Iron Condors

Iron condor: In tonight’s video, I want to go over all of the trades that we made for today which is Thursday, March 26th, as well as the one closing trade that we had for yesterday. Since it was just one small closing trading, we just wanted to cover that in tonight’s video. Today is all…

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