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Options trading is one of the most profitable, and yet conservative ways to trade in the stock market. Options give you the ability to control or leverage a position in underlying stocks and ETFs with a relatively small amount of money. The added diversity in contract months and strike prices means incredible flexibility in profit scenarios, allowing trades to generate income in rising, flat or falling markets. Our guides and training videos at Option Alpha will take you from newbie stock investor to professional options trader.

Guide to Options Trading

$264 Profit w/ FXI Iron Butterfly Option Strategy

Iron butterfly option strategy: In tonight’s video, we’re going to cover all the opening and closing trades that we had on Thursday, June 25th. It’s crazy that we’re already almost towards the end of June. We just finished expiration week. Now, we’re heading into the end of June here and still being pretty active and starting…

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A Quick Introduction To “Mini-Options”

mini options

Many of you will have come across mini options and perhaps wondered what they are and whether they are worth trading. With so many things to think about, here is a quick introduction to mini options and what to look out for if you are considering trading in them. You can also watch our quick…

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