What My Newborn Baby Taught Me About Investing Success

investing success

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This weekend my baby girl will be two months old!

And yes the time if flying. . .

Every day is an adventure full of learning how to raise a child. Just like starting out in the world of investing you can read all about it in books and get advice from those close to you.

But understanding how it works takes experience; trial and error.

During the past eight weeks, my daughter has taught me one very important behavior that I believe correlates perfectly to becoming successful investing.

Every 2-3 Hours She HAS To Eat

Yep! This is where those horrible stories of sleepless night originate.

No matter what happens during the first six weeks, she HAS to be fed every 2-3 hours. Like clockwork. Otherwise, she won't grow.

And while we may not have liked getting up to do this schedule at first it's now second nature.

Traders and investors should take note that just as my girl needs to feed consistently so too should you be investing and trading on a consistent basis.

Hopefully NOT every 2-3 hours but at least 1-2 times per week you should be looking for new trades.

Sure it's hard at first but you'll learn how to get better at it (just like how I can change a diaper much faster now then when she was born).

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She Eats Small Meals All Day Long

Imagine if we eat every 2-3 hours all day long? We would be huge!

The key is that she eats small meals - just like you should be trading small positions as I've preached before.

In the beginning (even if you don't have a lot of money) learning to trade small and profitably will grow your account size.

And hey. . . If you can't manage $3,000 who in their right mind would think managing $300,000 is any easier?

Mastered Only 4 Things So Far

Right now she knows how to do four things very well: eat, sleep, cry, poop.

At this point, nothing else matters in her world, and it's everything she needs to do to stay alive and grow.

Beginning investors all too often try to be the "Jack of all trades" before they even gain experience. Cut the junk out and focus on 3-4 strategies.

Learn how to do these extremely well before adding other advanced options strategies.

What Did I Miss Fathers?

I'm sure there are many more similarities between newborns and investing - if you are a father add a comment below and let me know what I missed?

What did your son/daughter teach you about investing now that you look back on their newborn days? Share your story and advice!

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